Why have urban development in Nordhavn


Copenhagen is growing - and at a rapid rate. The capital is therefore being expanded with new neighbourhoods with new opportunities to live and work. The growth of the city makes it increasingly dynamic and diverse, but it also presents a number of challenges.

Copenhagen is often identified as one of the world's best cities to live in. It is a city where growth and prosperity go hand in hand - but there are also challenges: Growth means that there is a need to create room for more people, more jobs and more mobility.

The population will grow by 18% by 2025, equivalent to 100,000 new residents, or 19 new residents every day. This requires the construction of new homes. The alternative for the capital city is simply that people will leave the city. 

The increasing rate of commuting in the region has already put Copenhagen's traffic system under pressure. Good accessibility is one of the main prerequisites for an attractive city that can benefit both the residents and businesses of Copenhagen.

The new neighbourhood in Nordhavn will provide some of the answers to these challenges. 

Many industries have left Copenhagen harbour, providing great opportunities to develop the city all the way out to the old quays at the open Øresund. The major urban development over the next several years will take place in Nordhavn, a peninsula located near Østerbro. Until recently, Nordhavn was best known as a harbour for the capital's cruise ship guests and container traffic. 

Urban development in Nordhavn shall help to counteract the trend towards increasing levels of commuting in the region, by creating new local homes and workplaces. This will allow people to cycle to work or commute by train to centrally located workplaces. One can say that Copenhagen is growing inwards instead of outwards.

The level of ambition for Nordhaven is sky-high. All the prerequisites exist here to set new standards. The latest knowledge from around the world shall contribute to robust and sustainable solutions.

The role of CPH City & port development

The task of CPH City & Port Development as a landowner, is to initiate and implement urban development in close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen. The City of Copenhagen's task as planning authority is to prepare the necessary planning basis to facilitate the urban development.

The development of new districts is a complex process from planning to development. 

Copenhagen is getting a brand new neighbourhood. The district will provide the framwork for many people's future life and work. And this will all happen while the city is constantly changing. 

CPH City & Port Development's goal is therefore to create urban areas that are at the forefront of trends in social development and are sustainable in the long-term. This means establishing urban areas that are both modern and in accordance with the municipal planning, as well as with the company's business strategy. 

The legal basis for CPH City & port development

CPH City & Port Development is an urban development enterprise that was established under the legislation ”Lov om Metroselskabet I/S og By & Havn I/S”.

CPH City & Port Development is jointly owned by the City of Copenhagen (95%) and the Danish state (5%). Ørestadsselskabet I/S, Frederiksbergbaneselskabet I/S and Københavns Havn A/S were all dissolved when CPH City & Port Development was established.