Based on the winning project from the competition for the development of Nordhavn, a development strategy has been prepared for the entire district.

The strategy is based on six themes, which represent the most important elements in the development of Nordhavn. The six themes match the six headings set out in the vision and together they form a robust and flexible framework for the future urban development. 

The six themes are:

  • Islets and canals
  • Identity and cultural trail
  • Five-minute neighbourhood
  • Blue and green neighbourhood
  • CO2 friendly neighbourhood
  • Intelligent grid

Download 'Nordhavn - Urban Strategy' on this page to read about the themes in further detail.

The strategy is a tool for the parties who are developing Nordhavn, i.e. especially CPH City & Port Development, the company's advisers and the City of Copenhagen. The strategy helps to ensure that the vision for Nordhavn is actually implemented.

The individual themes are also developed by the advisers from COBE, SLETH, Rambøll and Polyform in a series of videos below. In the first video, the consultants talk about their expectations for the future Nordhavn. 

Jonas Sangberg from POLYFORM talks about Nordhavn - the blue neighbourhood.

The water is a key part of your everyday life in Nordhavn. You can go for a swim in the morning, sail to work and kayak in your time off. Nordhavn features both the endless expanses of the sea and the intimacy of the smaller, recreational basins and canals. 

Jørgen Hvid from RAMBØLL talks about Nordhavn - the CO2 friendly neighbourhood. 

In Nordhavn, you will live with low energy consumption, both in your home, at work and for transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions. The future Nordhavn will be one of the leading areas in the world regarding the use of sustainable technologies..

Henrik Nowak from RAMBØLL talks about Nordhavn - the green neighbourhood.

In Nordhavn you are close to all types of nature. In Nordhavn, you will experience coastal scenery with rugged trees and bushes by Øresund, and nature which will provide you with shelter and seclusion. You will experience nature alongside the sea, beach parks and small-scale parks. The entire area will have a rich flora and fauna. The district will also feature green spaces that merge into your neighbourhood. A large green loop is being established in Nordhavn, with recreational areas and squares, and which follows the infrastructure through the district.

Dan Stubbergaard from the architect firm COBE talks about Nordhavn - the diverse neighbourhood.

In Nordhavn, you will experience a varied life with people who live, work or are visiting the neighbourhood. Residential and commercial properties are mixed in Nordhavn. There will also be a container terminal and a cruise ship terminal, providing the district with an international dimension and enhancing the district's maritime atmosphere. You will experience the new modern neighbourhood blend with the historic harbour atmosphere. Existing environments and buildings, such as warehouses and silos will be transformed and developed to serve new purposes, including for sporting activities and as cultural venues. 

Jacob Deichmann from RAMBØLL talks about Nordhavn - the coherent neighbourhood.

North Harbour will be a place where you can live and work just a few minutes from easily accessible public transport. In Nordhavn, the central traffic is arranged in a so-called loop - a major infrastructural loop that connects the entire district with the metro system. Nordhavn will be a neighbourhood where it is easy to move around, irrespective of the form of transportation you choose. Super bicycle paths will be established in Nordhavn, which will not only make it easier to be a cyclist, but will also make it more fun because they are designed with both accessibility and attractive experiences in mind.

Søren Leth from the architect firm SLETH explains his vision for the development of Nordhavn in Copenhagen.

In the district, you should not only be close to your neighbour. You should also be close to jobs, shops, culture and public institutions. In Nordhavn, buildings are placed close together with a consistent mix of functions. Nordhavn provides you get the best of both worlds, all combined into a single neighbourhood: the suburban light and air and the opportunities of the metropolis. In Nordhavn, the distance between nature and the city, and between the trees and the sea, is no further than you can walk.


This publication summerises the history of the development of Nordhavn. The publication primarily set out the six themes that form the core of the development strategy.

a part of copenhagen

Nordhavn will be an integral part of Copenhagen and it builds upon the unique identity of Copenhagen. It is vital, therefore, that Nordhavn is not developed as an isolated project, but that the relationship and cohesion with the rest of Copenhagen is an integral part of the project.

The new neighbourhood must be based on a holistic approach. The various elements of the project must be integrated, so that the whole project becomes bigger and better than the sum of its parts.