The vision for Nordhavn


Prior to the concept competition for the development of Nordhavn, a comprehensive vision was established for the district. This was also an important element in the competition programme and it was therefore expected that the proposals would provide some answers to how this vision could be realized. 

The overall vision for Nordhavn is that it must be the sustainable district of Copenhagen in the future. Creating a sustainable city is not just about environmental responsibility. It is also about value creation and social diversity.

An environmentally friendly city: Nordhavn must enhance Copenhagen's identity as an eco-metropolis. Renewable energy, new forms of energy supply, optimum use of resources and environmentally friendly modes of transport must all help to make Nordhavn a pioneering neighbourhood for sustainable urban development and environmentally friendly buildings.

A vibrant city:  Nordhavn must be a vibrant neighbourhood. It must generate a diverse urban environment with many different kinds of activities and a wide range of shops, cultural facilities and sports. The urban spaces, nature and especially the water should invite experiences, enthusiasm and fulfilment for everyone. 

A city for everyone: There must be room for everyone in Nordhavn. There must therefore be a range of housing types, and the city's functions must be mixed and integrated. Nordhavn must be a welcoming neighbourhood, and dialogue with residents and users will therefore be a central element in the development of the district.

A city by the water: Nordhavn is a new opportunity for Copenhagen's residents to access the water, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the waterfront. Housing, cafés and shops will be directly linked to the water, and it must be possible to experience and use the water everywhere in the area. Waterfronts, quay areas and coastlines shall therefore be accessible to the public. 

A dynamic city: Nordhavn shall be a dynamic neighbourhood with environments that inspire new initiatives. There should be a broad range of institutions, shopping venues and experiences that form the basis for new jobs and initiatives. Nordhavn will thus help to strengthen Copenhagen as a significant, international knowledge-centre.

A city with green traffic: There is an emphasis on sustainable transport solutions in Nordhavn. The natural choice should be to use a bicycle, public transport or to walk, rather than taking the car.