Nordhavn is being expanded


In order to create more space for Copenhagen's development, CPH City & Port Development will extend Nordhavn by 100 hectares over the next 20 years. CPH City & Port Development will receive land to expand Nordhavn.

A massive expansion will take place over the coming years along the north-east corner of Nordhavn. This work is being implemented in order to, among other things, create space for a 1,100 metre long quay. It was finished in 2013 and is able to accept up to three large cruise ships at the same time.

The expansion is in full swing. Large iron walls have been driven down into the seabed (sheet piling) to form the perimeter around the filling, and a 1.2-kilometre long stone embankment has been constructed to the west. The large volumes of soil to backfill the reclaimed area come from the construction of the Metro City Ring and the new road Nordhavnsvejen.

The land reclamation project has a total capacity of approximately 18 million tons of earth, of which 7 million tonnes is clean and 11 million tonnes is contaminated. With the current volumes of earth, the land reclamation project is expected to be completed in 2025, and Nordhavn will be expanded by almost 1 million m2.


Contact soil reception

Dan Gottschalk-Hansen
Operations Manager

The soil depot is open Monday to Thursday, 06:30-15:00 and Friday 06:30-14:00.

Tel: 7262 3950

Conditions for delivery of soil

From 2 July 2012, CPH City & Port Development has received soil at Nordsøvej 2. CPH City & Port Development only accepts clean soil (class 0-1).

  • You can read the requirements for clean soil here (in Danish)

Prior to the delivery of clean soil, an agreement must be concluded with CPH City & Port Development. The soil must also be approved by the City of Copenhagen's Center for the Environment.

All inputs to the land reclamation project in Nordhavn must be approved by the City of Copenhagen's Center for the Environment prior to delivery to CPH City & Port Development.

KMC Nordhavn, which is operated by the City of Copenhagen, accepts contaminated soil at the same address.

Prices for delivery of clean soil

  • For delivery of 0-10,000 tonnes, the price is DKK 45 per tonne.
  • For delivery of 10,000-50,000 tonnes, the price is DKK 42 per tonne.
  • For delivery of more than 50,000 tonnes, the price is DKK 38 per tonne.

All prices are for clean soil and exclusive of VAT.

Facts about the enlargement

  • The construction of the cruise ship quay and the soil depot is being carried out by a joint venture between Züblin, Möbius and MJ Eriksson.

  • The stone embankment on the north-west side of the filling was carried out by Per Aarsleff.

  • The reclaimed area will cover 1 million m2 or 100 hectares.

  • The filling will accommodate both clean soil and a new depot for contaminated soil, with volumes of 4 million m3 and 6 million m3 respectively.

  • Estimated completion date for the reclamation: 2022. The perimeter of the reclamation area will be completed in 2013.

  • The cruise ship quay was finished for the 2013 season. The terminals were completed in 2014. 

  • The cruise ship quay will be 1,100 metres long. For comparison, Langelinie is 1,000 metres long.

  • A 700 metre long container quay will be constructed in continuation of the cruise ship quay, and a further 500 metres of quay will be constructed at the end for general cargo.

  • The dike with sheet piling is 1,250 metres long and the stone embankment to the west is 1,200 metres long.