The development plan for Marmormolen allows for mixed functionality. The UN City has45000m2 of office space; while there are dwellings on 14000m2, 23000m2 of offices, hotels on 25000m2 and the LM Project has 58000m2.

With its ideal location in Copenhagen and great visibility from both the port and the land side, Marmormolen is the perfect location for both businesses and residents in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. Marmormolen already has the UN City building, and construction of the area’s underground parking facility and 128 homes is currently in progress. There are still commercial building rights available in the area, including a 25,000 m² landmark building with a 90 metre high tower and 23000m2 of office spaces.

Marmormolen has one of the prime locations in Copenhagen and comes with a view over the harbour, while only being a few minutes away from public transportation.

This photo was taken March 8th, 2014

 The LM Project

The world­famous architect, Steven Holl, has designed the landmark LM Project – the two towers and the bridge between the tip of Langelinie and Marmormolen. The office project is characterized by two spectacular and robust towers connected by a thin walkway, which resembles a ’handshake’ between the ends of the two quays. The tower on Marmormolen is 24 floors high and the tower on the tip of Langelinie is slightly higher, with 27 floors. The bridge connecting the two quays extends from the towers’ 17th floors, 65 metre above the surface of the water. The two office towers will accommodate a total of 58,000 m².

The UN City
The new UN City brings together UN in Copenhagen in a 45,000 m² building on an artificial island off Marmormolen in Nordhavn. Taking the form of an eight­pointed star, the building is a clear landmark when sailing into the Port of Copenhagen. Its striking white lines brighten the rustic harbour surroundings with extensive wooden terraces and rust­red sheet pile walls.The star shape symbolizes the UN’s values and authority. At its heart is an atrium with a single central staircase that reflects a unified, open organization working professionally to a common set of values – ‘Delivering as one’. UN City is sustainable in every way and was awarded LEED Platinium status in late December 2013. The building was developed by CPH City & Port Development and is owned by Harbour P/S, which consists of PensionDanmark, ATP Real Estate and CPH City & Port Development.

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