About Nordhavn


CPH City & Port Development is developing Nordhavn, the new waterfront city district in Copenhagen. The area is being transformed from an active industrial port into a modern residential and business Quarter.

When completed, Nordhavn will have room for 40,000 residents and an equal number of work places. The new city district will literally be built on top of historical Copenhagen. Nordhavn has been extended several times to provide a bigger commercial harbour.

In the future, the former industrial area will be transformed into a dense, compact urban district with both housing and offices, located on piers and jetties and surrounded by canals, water basins and the open sea. The first development is taking place in the Århusgade Quarter. The area will contain 165,000 m² residential space and 140,000 m² commercial space. The first residents and employees will move into the area in 2014.

The sales process has been very quick, but there are still a few commercial building opportunities in Inner Nordhavn. New local plans in other parts of Nordhavn provide options for both residential and commercial buildings. In order to create more space for Copenhagen’s development, CPH City & Port Development is extending Nordhavn by 100 hectares over the next 10-20 years. This work is being implemented in order to, among other things, create space for a 1,100 metre long quay, which from 2013 will be able to accept up to three large cruise ships at the same time.

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