New residential buildings


CPH City & Port Development has sold sites for a number of residential projects in Inner Nordhavn and on Marmormolen. The first homes are currently being built, and the apartments have already been offered for sale in a few projects.

PenSam, CPH City & Port Development and Nordkranen have built 256 homes for rent, equivalent to 28,000 square meters, at Marmormolen in Nordhavn. The properties were completed in late summer of 2015 and were the first homes built in the area. Read the newsletter

Kuben Byg has built 48 homes at the central square in the Århusgade quarter. The building is constructed with 4-6 floors, with homes from the 1st floor. The ground floor primarily consists of approximately 1,400 square meters of retail space, which CPH City & Port Development has repurchased in order to enhance retail trade in the area. Read the newsletter and see Havnehuset's website.

Harbour Park

At the far end of Sandkaj, beside the characteristic silos, AP Pension purchased a construction site with room for residential properties with approximately 12,000 square metres of floor space. KPC was selected as both a co-investor and the turnkey contractor. The apartments range from approximately 70-170 m2. The sale of apartments has already commenced. Read the newsletter and see Harbour Park's website.

PKA is building 91 apartments on Sandkaj in the Århusgade quarter in the first row facing the harbour basin and overlooking Marmormolen and Øresund. PKA expects to commence construction in the autumn of 2013 and that the future residents will occupy the apartments in the spring of 2015. Read the newsletter.

Tetris and NREP
The old block that was previously occupied by Leo Madsen's engineering works is primarily being developed by property developer Tetris A/S. The block consists of a number of warehouses and buildings that are currently empty and require substantial refurbishment. The block is one of the existing buildings and local environments that contribute positively to a distinctive identity for the Århusgade quarter and which is therefore being preserved. This is an area where the local plan's option for so-called 'add-ons' and 'fill-ins' is being exploited, i.e. modern extensions and complementary buildings are being added to the preserved buildings. It is expected that 5-6,000 square meters of housing can be developed between the preserved buildings, which Tetris A/S wishes to utilise to build town-houses of up to three stories in height. Read the newsletter.
• NRE Construction and Stubkjær Invest. Read the newsletter.

Interested in a new home

CPH City & Port Development is developing Nordhavn. This means that we are developing a local plan, constructing roads, canals, squares and much more. We are also selling building plots to a range of investors. If you are interested in ahome in Nordhavn, you should contact one of the investors and not CPH City & Port Development. Follow the links n this page to the newsletters, where you can learn more, and to various websites with information about the various housing projects and buildings.