In recent years, Copenhagen has been developed into the leading cruise port in Northern Europe. With more than 300 calls per year, and over 800,000 cruise ship passengers, increasing numbers are arriving in Wonderful Copenhagen every year. By establishing a brand new cruise ship terminal, CPH City & Port Development is working hard to keep Copenhagen in the lead.

Copenhagen Malmø Port is the operator for the cruise ships. The company is working continuously to develop both services and facilities for passengers and for the increasingly large cruise ships. The work is being carried out in close collaboration with companies, authorities, tourism organizations and others. The result is that the shipping companies have repeatedly identified Copenhagen as Northern Europe's "best cruise ship port" and as a port that is particularly service-minded.

Copenhagen is also a natural starting point for cruises to the Baltic, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Stockholm, or, alternatively, up along the west coast of Norway to the North Cape and the midnight sun.

Receive a text message or an e-mail when a cruise ship docks in Copenhagen. This is a similar service to that provided by the airport, where you can receive a notification about whether or not an aircraft has landed. It is a service that many curious Copenhageners have requested, but taxi drivers and others in the service industry can also benefit from this service. You can register for the service with CMP.

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